Dawon is a AAA mobile‑first video game studio that brings India to the whole world.


Dawon Entertainment, a AAA Bengaluru-based video game studio, is positioned to become a leader in the lucrative emerging Indian gaming market. We are revolutionizing mobile games with our unique blend of Indian narratives and global appeal.

Dawon sees the opportunity to become one of the pillars and genre owners of a landscape that continues to grow. In 2023, there were 568 million gamers in India, more than the entire U.S. population. That number is increasing rapidly--India is the future of gaming.

Our focus is the large underserved player base in India and South Asia that is hungry for games made for them. With our highly skilled team of professionals from across the globe, we know we can deliver something truly special.

Core Values

Core Values - Creativity, Joy, Equity, Curiosity

Our Team

Whitney Beltrán

Studio Director

Whitney is a multi-award winning Mexican-American game designer with a storied history in the video game and tabletop industries. Previously a narrative director at Hidden Path Entertainment, she led the narrative vision of an ambitious, unannounced AAA Dungeons & Dragons video game. Among other successfully shipped titles, her tabletop RPG horror game Bluebeard’s Bride and the surrealist mystery mobile title HoloVista have received a number of international accolades.

For the last 10 years, Whitney has been volunteering with Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project, a non-profit residential school outside of Bengaluru exclusively for children born into India's lowest socioeconomic class. After a decade of regularly spending time in India, Whitney recognized how few Indian voices are lent to the creative side of making games. With Dawon Entertainment, she hopes to empower new voices and make games that are both compelling and memorable to those who create and play them.

Jess Hartung

Design Director

A seasoned designer with an innovative spirit, Jess brings extensive experience in growing and leading teams from their previous roles at Amazon, Disney, and Playable Worlds. They are truly passionate about mentoring and empowering designers, encouraging them to create games that combine immersive storytelling with engaging mechanics and well-balanced economies. 

As a non-binary game developer, Jess is an enthusiastic supporter of inclusivity in gaming and a tireless advocate for uplifting the voices of other marginalized groups within the games industry and beyond, including serving as a member of Amazon Games' DEI council during their tenure.

Mike Wuetherick

Technical Director

Mike Wuetherick is an Emmy award-winning Producer and Technical Director. He has been in the game industry since the early 2000s. He has worked at companies like Namco Bandai, DeNA, Roadhouse and Blinkmoon leading engineering teams and building studios from 0-150+ numerous times over the years.

More recently he worked at Unity from 2016 to 2023 as Technical Director. Some of his achievements during his time at Unity include winning Unity their first Technical Emmy for his teams work with Disney (Baymax Dreams), working with Neill Blomkamp & Oats Studios on a series of shorts, and leading teams of 150+ working on a variety of internal productions and partnerships with external studios including Netflix, the MSG Sphere, Intel among others.


We proudly offer to every employee the opportunity to share in the rewards of what we create. Through the participation of robust profit-sharing and stock option plans, our employees receive equity to share in the success of our studio.


We are actively recruiting passionate game developers in-office for our studio in Bengaluru, India, as well as offering a small number of distributed positions worldwide. We diligently encourage women and people from underrepresented communities to join as we build memorable interactive experiences for the Indian market. Check our open positions when they become available below.